Charleen Chow
Team Lead/Barista
Catch me in the cafe pulling shots (espresso) and pouring milk. Come to hang out and I'd love to talk to you about food, video games, and my dogs!
Sylvia Chow
Media Director
My favorite thing to do at Cafe Lift is highlighting our amazing artists on social media. Give me your handle and I'll be sure to tag you! My ultimate goal in life is to become a hobbit.
Anthony Kawa
I love coffee and creativity, but I love people even more. My drive is seeing individuals coming into agreement on how amazing they are, and how influential they can be.
Heather McIntire
I am a true coffee addict, who finds joy in every sunset God has created. I love good conversations and weird questions. What would you name a boat if you had one?
Andrew Olson
Sound Technician
When I'm not blessing your ear holes with my fabulous mixes, you can find me creating engineering marvels, running with wolves, or reading a book about my latest interest. Come visit me at the booth!
TK Tran
House Musician
I split my time between wearing camo to my office job, off-roading, camping, and playing country music. Also, please stop sending me Old Town Road.
Darian Zamani
THE Cameraman
I'd love to get to know you. Come talk to me. Don't worry. I don't bite.